• What is a PG or Paying Guest?

    Itís a place to stay - Habitat for working Professionals, Students, Job Seekers Anyone - Even for those who are kicked out from Home.

  • At What Budget can I get paying guest?

    We have plan starting from <%=Application["ShortTermStay"] %> to 6500 moreover depends on sharing &, locality. It can be anything please discuss with us for your budget. Of course after you see your Bed only.

  • Is there any security Deposit for my stay?

    Generally, answer yes! we charge 10,000/- thatís refundable amount and you will get this amount while vacating or leaving the PG and Rs. 500 will be deducted as maintenance charges, remaining 9500 will be refunded. We donít take any advance security deposit from short term stay people or one-day stay people. We support poor and financially challenge people and If you can convince us with a Cheque or job safety - Its purely based on your talk and Seasonal demand in the paying guest

  • How will they refund the deposit back?

    Yes, we refund partial amount for more detail please contact to our helpdesk center.

  • Are we have to provide any legal document to stay?

    Yes, we need a residential and identity proof and one small application that you are going to stay in my PG, this is application whoever going to stay more than 5 days. For less than 5 days one identity proof and small consent will be enough.

  • Is the paying guest Luxurious enough?

    Pay more to be more. Luxury comes to mind only when you pay more. Luxury paying guest addicted persons have to pay more- yeah. Our PGís are luxury enough to satisfy you so requesting to check our photos on google +, Facebook and twitter or our website gallery section. And, if possible please walk up to us any time.

  • What facilities will be paying guest owners provide me?

    Please check our room pages there I have nicely presented our all facilities. Or download booklet.

  • What is the advantage of a Paying Guest(PG) over a House or Room?

    There is a two side of a coin and eachone has own importance and features. Have a look on below points :

    - Security is good as you can stay in groups
    - Loneliness will not come to your mind - New Friends will be around you may be of same ages
    - Common facilities like TV, Washing Machine, Fridge, AC GYM when used with pg mates will be much cheaper than you pay them for each and every service.
    - Food Cost will be much cheaper than lodging or cooking Individuals
    - Location of Paying guest will be in such places that - rent will never be affordable there
    - You may Quit this service anytime whereas House shifting is a very long process-
    - Chances of Getting to wrong pg may give you bad experiences Be careful when you choose a paying guest
    - You may not throw your things as you wish. Right to Freedom is lost in paying guest
    - Coming on time to pg will be important
    - Also these pg wording depends on Individuals opinion. Think before you take my words.

  • Safety factors for Paying guest in Bangalore?

    Our PG located in residential area, and has no security concerns.

  • Is the food provided in Paying Guest (PG) Healthy?

    Your taste buds will tell you. Home food is good. Healthy. We have north India, south Indian and seasonal food. We also provide festival food, Launch, dinner and breakfast.

  • Are you provide rent agreement?

    If anyone stay more than 3 years in the same pg and they need rental agreement than we provide a special rental agreement which can be use in office, police verification, Postpaid connection and several legal documentations.

  • Is the facility off Courier Pick and Drop?

    Yes, we have a sport of courier pick and drop that implies, if you are in office or not available in pg than behalf of you we have pick you courier.

  • Are you act as a local Guardian in Police verification for you guest?

    Yes, whoever stay more than 1.5 years in the same PG and have a valid document than we support them in police verification for example passport police verification and stay proof.

  • Are you help in Postpaid connection verification?

    Yes, we help our member who stay more than a year and have a valid document and proof; we help them clear their connection verification and provide them a proof that you are staying in my paying guest presently.

  • Are support to member in Corporate employee residential verification?

    Yes, if we have a valid and government identity and permanent resential document than we support our member in job residential verification. If provide the information to them that you are staying in pg.

  • Are support to member in Student residential verification?

    We support our customer and member in verification if they have valid identity and residential document.

North Indian, South Indian and Seasonal Food

We provide delicious, homemade, hygienic food Ė Veg and Non-Veg in TIFFINS / THALIS on monthly basis menu is changed daily. Our PG provides best food and most comfortable facilities than other accommodations. To ensure Hygiene & Cleanliness, we DO NOT provide Bed-Sheets, Comforters, Blankets & Pillows.

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